Allcocks and More on Auction

I found a few nice auctions of Allcock and more. I would expect the auctions of the full boxes to reach between 50-100 each and the collection of hooks might go for upwards of 75.

Vintage Streamer Hooks

A nice little assortment of Allcocks and other hooks.

Allcock 2811 #4 (box)

Looks to be a full box of Allcock 2811 8xl hooks. I would love to have a few of these, so if you win, consider sending me a couple. Also check out the #6 Allcocks from this seller. Allcock 2811 #6 (box) Happy bidding and good luck.



  1. I won the first box of size 4’s will send you some when I ship flies this week. Please email me your address again. Thanks

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