Carrie Challenge II

A while back, I threw my name into the Carrie’s Challenge part 2 (See part 1 here) and was ready to take on a streamer “sans” vise. Here is the rules of the challenge:

Chris Del Plato (host): You have one shot to tie a Carrie’s Favorite in hand, without a vise – just as Carrie Stevens herself did. You are allowed one try only. One shot, one fly. No practice, No ‘do-overs’, No backtracking. No special tools should be used. Bodkin, Bobbin (for thread only) and scissors are the only tools allowed. Feel free to do without them, if you wish. If you must, a protective cup may be worn.

I really wanted a do-over, but rules are rules. Anyhow, the results have finally been posted for one and all to enjoy, so have at it! All of the participants comments, flies and video is available on the GFF site – Carrie’s Challenge 2

Special thanks to Ken Craigue, Jr. and Chris Del Plato for organizing the challenge on the StreamerList. Looking forward to a third serving in about 10 years.

Rich Connors' rendition of Carrie´s Favorite
Rich Connors' rendition of Carrie´s Favorite



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