Jim Warner Streamers Swap Results

Jim Warner - Wolfeboro Bay Special (Photo Bob Petti)

Jim Warner - Wolfeboro Bay Special (Photo Bob Petti)

The results of the Jim Warner fly swap are now online over at Global Fly Fisher. Earlier in the year, tyers got together on The Streamer List to homage to a legendary streamer tyer. Jim streamers have been included in many book and publications over the years such as Dick Stewart’s Trolling Flies for Trout & Salmon, Dick Surette’s Trout and Salmon Fly Index, Don Wilson’s Smelt Fly Dressings and Mike Martinek’s Streamer Fly Patterns for Trolling & Casting volume 1 and 2. Ken Craigue, Jr. was the driving force behind the swap, and when everything was complete, he presented a wonderful framed set to Jim. Bob Petti also did a wonderful job photographing the collection and presenting it online.

You can see the entire collection and Ken’s write-up on the GFF site.

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