Wing Things and the Countdown Begins

Hello December and let the countdown begin. Just 31 days until we start blasting out the streamers! To date, I have over 200 streamers in, and am just waiting for a few more sets to trickle in. There is an amazing amount of original designs to be included in the project, many never seen before. I’ve also just finished editing a neat article by Don Ordes. He has designed a system that can be used to aid the creative tyer, or the production tyer alike. Check out the “Wing Things” system.

Wing Things By Don Ordes

Streamer Wing & Cheek Pairing System

Sometimes good things don’t have to cost a lot of money, and this is one of them. I enjoy tying streamers, but they are only one of dozens of types of flies that I tie, so sometimes there is a lot of time between tying them. Because of this, I not only needed a system where I could design my streamer matched wings, cheeks, and other materials, but I needed to be able to store it at the point I left off and be able to pick it up there when I started again. It had to be organized yet flexible, and easy to maintain and expand without much expense. So step by step I came up with this system.

[Read the full article here …]

The Wing Things system for streamer flies.

The Wing Things system for streamer flies.

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