#2 – White Devil

#2 White Devil - Peter Simonson

#2 White Devil - Peter Simonson

Tied by: Peter Simonson
Originated by: Carrie G. Stevens
Source: Carrie G. Stevens: Maker of Rangeley Favorite Trout and Salmon Flies – Hilyard Pg. 146 – 147

Hook: #1/0 Sealey 1797B
Thread: Black
Tag: Flat silver tinsel
Body: Black silk
Ribbing: Flat silver tinsel
Belly: White bucktail
Throat: Blue hackle fibers
Underwing: 6 stands peacock herl
Wing: 2 orange (light dyed ginger) flanked by white hackle
Shoulder: A white and brown barred feather from a ruffed grouse (partridge)
Eye: Jungle cock nail
Head: Black (with orange band)

Notes: This is the first of many of Carrie Stevens flies to be presented in the project. Peter choose this streamer because it is one that does not get much attention, in fact it has been left out of many of the streamer aficionado literature with only mentions of the pattern or a material listing being mentioned. Other Devils in the series include the Blue Devil and the Red Devil.

Peter SimonsonPeter Simonson – Peter has been fly tying for about 13 years, initially just creating flies needed for fishing. He enjoys tying Rangeley style streamers. He became interested in tying these flies in about 2006. Peter has tied at the International Fly Tying Symposium and a few of his flies appear in John Mordock’s “Fly Fishing Two-Story Lakes and Reservoirs.”
[visit Peter’s streamer page]

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2 Responses to #2 – White Devil

  1. Don Bastian says:

    Very nice job Peter, I love it on that Sealey hook…

  2. Scott Bernard says:

    Well done Peter. I really enjoy seeing flies with grouse feathers in them! I was unfamiliar with this fly and surprised that it was one of Carrie Stevens. Probably for the reasons mentioned in the write up. Thanks bringing it to light for me.

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