#24 – Silver Darter

#24 Silver Darter - Chris Del Plato

#24 Silver Darter - Chris Del Plato

Tied by: Chris Del Plato
Originated by: Lew Oatman
Source: Streamer Fly tying and Fishing; Joseph Bates 1966 Pg. #335

Hook: #4-#12 2xl-6xl hook
Thread: White
Tail: A very small section of silver pheasant wing quill
Body: White floss tapered slightly
Rib: Flat silver tinsel
Throat: Peacock sword tied half the body length curving upward
Wing: 2 silver badger hackles
Eye: Jungle cock nail small and short
Head: Black

Notes: The Silver Darter was Lew’s favorite streamer to fish, and he preferred it in a size 10. It has become a ‘go-to’ fly for Chris as well, one of a handful of streamer patterns he would never leave home without. Chris ties most of his Silver Darters in smaller sizes, #8 and #10. Chris credits the strong natural lateral line drawn by the silver badger hackle to being a key trigger in it’s effectiveness, sighting wild brown trout as a frequent victim of its lure.

From Streamer Fly tying and Fishing; Bates 1966 page #335

This imitates the Cayuga minnow and is very effective for brook, brown and rainbow trout, It does well in heavily fished streamers throughout the season, even in low, clear water, and does equally well in wilderness areas. I often have taken trout with it when I couldn’t seem to pick a dry fly rising trout would strike. It should be a very slim fly in the water, and I like to use the slenderest hackles available.

Chris Del Plato Chris Del Plato – Chris Del Plato is a streamer fly specialist living northwestern New Jersey with his wife and three daughters. Early fly fishing successes using streamers and bucktails sparked his interest in them and once he began tying his own flies, they quickly became his focus and passion.
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5 Responses to #24 – Silver Darter

  1. avril anjers says:

    First feather wing I ever attempted… still working out the taper. Great tie!

    • pacres says:

      The taper is tricky. I’ve attempted Oatman flies on a number of occasions and never really been satisfied with the results. Even if i happen to get a decent taper, wrapping the rib without it slipping is a big challenge.

  2. Bob Petti says:

    Beautiful fly, Chris. Darren – I think you have an extra line in the pattern recipe (underwing).

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