#31 – Mosquito Ghost

#31 Mosquito Ghost - Selene Dumaine

#31 Mosquito Ghost - Selene Dumaine

Tied by: Selene Dumaine
Originated by: Selene Dumaine

Hook: 8xl #4 or #6
Thread: White
Tag: Silver tinsel
Body: Yellow floss
Rib: Silver tinsel
Belly: White kid goat hair
Throat: Black hackle fibers
Underwing: Peacock herl
Wing: 4 grizzly dyed light ginger hackles
Shoulder: Silver pheasant
Eyes: Jungle cock
Head: Black

Notes: This streamer fly was created in June of 2009 when Selene was leading a Women’s Fly Fishing School at Weatherby’s in Grand Lake Stream, Maine. Prompted by lodge guide Jared Koengs, and in a creative state of mind, Selene put thought to hook and feather resulting in a traditional styled and quite Ghostly streamer. “There were a bizzillion mosquitos that weekend at Forth Lake where we were fishing, hence the name. The weekend was a memory maker for sure and this fly helps to remind me of it.”

Selene Dumaine Selene Dumaine – Selene Dumaine, born the year Carrie Stevens died, is an accomplished fly tyer dedicated to practicing traditional methods of fly tying, as well as originating new patterns to closely replicate the naturals found on her home waters of Maine.
[visit Selene’s streamer page on Streamers 365]

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6 Responses to #31 – Mosquito Ghost

  1. Don Bastian says:

    That’s a beautiful tie of a Rangeley style streamer…nice!

  2. avril anjers says:

    Wow! Great looking fly. Love the wing color!

  3. Kelly L says:

    This is a beauty alright. I love the whole fly. Great job! You nailed it.

  4. Dwayne Miller says:

    Thats a real beauty Selene!!!

  5. Barry Phillips says:

    nicely done,definitely as fish catcher

  6. Ted Patlen says:

    very well done…proportions, contrasts, flow…beautiful

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