#6 – A.M. Bassador

#6 A. M. Bassador - Monte Smith

#6 A. M. Bassador - Monte Smith

Tied by: Monte Smith
Originated by: Andrew Marshall

Hook: VMC B-17, 10xl #2
Body: Pearl tubing, shreadded ends for the tail. Bind at the rear of the body with red thread.
Belly: Yellow then white bucktail, covered by a short golden pheasant crest.
Underwing: Yellow bucktail
Wing: 2 olive hackles flanked by grizzly hackle
Topping: Olive bucktail and a few peacock herls
Shoulder: Ringneck pheasant flank feather
Eyes: Small Jungle Cock
Throat: Red schlappen fibers
Head: Olive

Notes: There are not many streamers in the project designed specifically for bass, but I have no doubt that many of them would work wonderfully. Monte has tied up this beefy streamer on a VMC B-17 hook, one I had not seen before (check the hook reference for a profile). It has a similar profile to the Partridge C15, perhaps a bit more refined with a smoother lighter finish, and a heavy wire perfect for big bass.

My good friend Andrew Marshall provided me with this pattern a few years ago to fish for largemouth bass. It was unnamed, so I fixed that… with his blessing. He says it is a perch imitation. This is my interpretation of his original.

Monte Smith Monte Smith – Monte Smith is a well-rounded and accomplished fly tyer. His work is featured in books, periodicals, on websites, and in frames around the world. From his original featherwing streamers within the pages of Tying Classic Freshwater Streamers by David Klausmeyer to a four recent articles featuring original patterns in Northwest/Southwest Fly Fishing magazines, there are a number of projects that feature his flies.
[visit Monte’s streamer page]

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3 Responses to #6 – A.M. Bassador

  1. Andrew says:

    Wow Monte, you have done a splendid job on this pattern. Looks very nice here. Thank-you!

  2. Gary says:

    This looks like it would be very productive….. I will be tying some of these

  3. Eunan says:

    I really love the colors in this fly, the wing, the red throat and the red tag on the body…Beautiful fly.

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