Allcock 2811 and VMC B-17

Just wanted to give a quick update about some new hook profiles I added on the hook page. My friend and project tyer, Charlie Mann sent me some excellent hooks. I was quite happy to find a package land on the door step with a pile of hooks inside, including some quite rare, hard to find Allcock 2811 #2 hooks and the hard to find VMC B-17. Anyone looking for a source for the VMC B-17 should get in touch with Charlie. (207-377-2108 or themanns{at}fairpoint{dot}net)

VMC B-17 Hook Profile
VMC B-17 Hook Profile
Allcock 2811 8xl Limerick Hook Profile
Allcock 2811 8xl Limerick Hook Profile

To me, the Allcock 2811 is the Holy Grail of streamer hooks. Many of the pioneering tyers used them for their commercial tying. Carrie Stevens was said to be en exception, being particular to use the Allcock 1810. She tied on the 1810 hook until her supplier (George Fletcher) could no long suppler her with them. Once her supply of the 1810 was exhausted, she reluctantly began tying on the 2811 looped eye hook.



    1. Same purpose, but you can also use to the loop to better secure material to the hook. Some tyers use the loop as a spot to place bucktail or feather stems. You pry the loop open slightly, put in your bucktail or feather, and the close the loop with tying thread and it makes a really durably fly. For streamers such as these, I find it makes a mice platform to sit the wing on rather than just a round shank. The better (nicer) hooks have a tapered loop so that the loop doesn’t create a lot of extra bulk.

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