Jim Warner and Larry Leight Streamers

From time to time, I like to post about a few select items I find on eBay. I will be posting these items on our “Streamers on eBay” page as well. This will include many of the streamers that are being featured on the site. This is quite a unique opportunity for anyone collecting streamers or fly fishing memorabilia. We will be listing the streamers at the end of the month, and the profits are being put towards our fundraising goals.

Jim Warner – Bicentennial Smelt

The Bicentennial Smelt was created in 1976, to commemorate the Bicentennial of the United States. This pattern has a copper body for antiquity, a traditional white marabou belly with an under wing of red, white and blue bucktail and the traditional Gray Ghost wing. A truely beautiful pattern.

Jim Warner - Bicentennial Smelt

Also see some of Jim’s other flies he is auctioning:
Jim Warner – Wolfeboro Bay Special
Jim Warner – Emerald Shiner (experimental)
Jim Warner – Melvin Bay Special
Jim Warner – Red Flash
Jim Warner – Winnipesaukee Smelt

Another tyer who is on eBay quite often is Larry Leight. I have a couple dozen of his streamers in my collection already and plan to keep adding. His ebay account is lk4leight and there are usually 3-4 sets available.

Carrie Stevens Streamer Pattern Collector Pack

And a few of Larry’s other sets.
Carrie Stevens Trolling Streamers
North East Classic Streamers
Rangeley Favorites

Happy Bidding and keep a watch for a post about the streamers featured on the blog going on sale early in February.



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