#35 – Road Rash

#35 Road Rash - Bill Chandler

#35 Road Rash - Bill Chandler

Tied by: Bill Chandler
Originated by: Bill Chandler

Hook: Mustad 3907A
Thread: Black
Body: Copper tinsel
Belly: Sparse white bucktail
Under-shoulder: Red and black schlappen fibers
Throat: Red and black schlappen fibers
Wing: 2 red hackles flanked by badger dyed Indian Crow (Feathers MC)
Eyes: Jungle cock

Notes: This is another beautiful example of a streamer tyed with the Funky Feathers from Feathers MC. The fly is dressed sparse, and so even at larger sizes, it would be easy enough to cast. The red and black complement each other nicely with the badger feather. It’s a real firecracker of a pattern, slim, bright and would be wonderful not only for salmon and brook trout, but steelhead and browns might have trouble staying away from this urtication.

Bill ChandlerBill Chandler – I have been tying flies for the Angler and the collector since 1978. I discovered fly fishing and fly tying by watching a Canadian angling show one Saturday morning. Since then I have spent a considerable time of my life learning both the old and new techniques of tying flies.
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3 Responses to #35 – Road Rash

  1. Kelly L says:

    That is a beautiful streamer. I love the colors in it. The tye itself is very well done too. Bravo!

  2. avril anjers says:

    What an incredible color! Outstanding!

  3. Jim says:

    You do great ties of flies.

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