#36 – Rainbow (Cains River)

#36 Rainbow Streamer (Cains River) - Loretta Parent

#36 Rainbow Streamer (Cains River) - Loretta Parent

Tied by: Loretta Parent
Originated by: Unknown
Source: Streamer Fly Tying and Fishing, Bates – Pg. 243, 247

Hook: Mustad 3665A
Thread: Black
tail: 2 sections of barred wood duck feather
Body: Medium flat gold tinsel
Wing: 2 french blue hackles flanked by golden yellow hackle
Eyes: Jungle cock
Collar: A few turns of rich yellow hackle mixed with a few turns of scarlet hackle.
Head: Black

Notes: This is Loretta’s first submission into the project and a great choice as the Cains River series is a favorite of many streamer aficionadi. The origin of this pattern isn’t documented, but it is likely that it was originated by either Mr. C. Jim Pray or Mr. Oscar Weber (Weber Tackle). The streamers originally submitted to Joseph D. Bates for inclusion in ‘Streamer Fly Tying and Fishing’ were prepared by Mr. C. Jim Pray and the dressings confirmed by Mr. Oscar Weber. While many of the streamers in the series are well documents in Bates’ book, the Rainbow Streamer isn’t named with it’s originator or background information.

The Cains River style of streamers was popularized by Fred N. Peet and C. Jim Pray and have become known to be effective lures for sportfish such as Atlantic salmon, steelhead, Pacific salmon and pike as well as a range of saltwater targets. Some general notes when tying this style are outlined in Joseph D. Bates book, Streamer Fly tying and Fishing.

On all Cains River streamers all wing hackles are of the same length. When a two-color- collar is called for, the rear color should be twice as heavily dressed as the forward color. Two or three turns of tinsel should be taken around the bend of the hook below where the tail is tied in. The heads are mostly varnished black. Mr. Pray used regular number two sproat hooks, although the flies may be dressed on hooks 2X or 3X long. Nearly all the series are similar in design.

Loretta Parent Loretta Parent -I have been tying flys for 3 years now and have enjoyed learning everything I can about the art of fly tying. I am very passionate about this pastime and love to pass on and share what I know to anyone that is interested. I started a fly fishing club for women last year called “Fly Girls of New Brunswick” and hope to start a fly tying club as well. My favourite place to fish is anywhere on the Miramichi drainage system.
[visit Loratta’s streamer page on Streamers 365]

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4 Responses to #36 – Rainbow (Cains River)

  1. Thank you everyone for your kind comments. I had alot of fun learning how to tie these streamers during my Christmas break this year. I look forward to tying many more streamers as I now understand the attraction to tying these beautiful patterns.

  2. Alan says:

    Well done. Love the Cains River series.

  3. avril anjers says:

    Really beautiful fly. Love the tail and collar and the colors just sing.

  4. Kelly L says:

    Loretta, the fly is beautiful. It is hard to believe you have only been tying for 3 years. I started tying mid Jan of 2008, so I just made the 4 year mark. The Cains River flies are stunning. I think you did a magnificent job on this fly. 🙂

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