#41 – Dunc’s Special

#41 Dunc's Special - Chris Del Plato

#41 Dunc's Special - Chris Del Plato (Photo: Chris Del Plato)

Tied by: Chris Del Plato
Originated by: Chris Del Plato

Hook: Gaelic Supreme Mike Martinek 8xl size 1, sharpest one in the pack
Thread: White
Tag: 3 or 4 turns of fine gold oval tinsel
Tip: Small section of fluorescent green UNI-Stretch behind small section of Chinese Red UNI-Stretch
Body: Orange floss
Ribbing: Fine oval gold tinsel
Belly: Light dun or tan bucktail
Throat: Black hen hackle
Underwing: 5 or 6 strands of Peacock herl, over which are two pieces of orange floss (one long over the top of one short.) Slightly stiffened with wax or thin cement due to length.)
Wing: 4 Ash (medium dun) colored saddle hackles
Shoulder: Mallard dyed dun
Eye: Jungle cock nail large
Head: Black

Notes: In memory of Warren Duncan, renowned hairwing Atlantic Salmon fly tyer from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. Dunc had a fondness for the streamer patterns of Carrie Stevens of Maine, and this pattern is dressed in her style. He was likely the fastest and most exacting fly tyer who will ever live. Remembered by many for his quick wit, generosity and for his fly tying demonstrations choreographed to the poems of Robert Service. In particular, Service’s “The Cremation of Sam McGee”, signified in the ‘ash’ coloration of the wing and shoulders used in this fly. Dunc was also known for popularizing the Undertaker salmon fly, and his favorite fly was the Rusty RAT. Elements of both patterns have been incorporated here – the tag/tip section and throat are representative of the Undertaker and the body and veiling elements are borrowed from the Rusty RAT – the floss veils replacing the golden pheasant crest typical in the underwing of Carrie Stevens’ Gray Ghost.

John Warren Duncan (1948 – 2007)
Remembering John Warren Duncan
Remembering Our Friend Warren Duncan

Dunc tying the Rusty Rat and reciting Robert Service’s “The Cremation of Sam McGee”

Chris Del Plato Chris Del Plato – Chris Del Plato is a streamer fly specialist living northwestern New Jersey with his wife and three daughters. Early fly fishing successes using streamers and bucktails sparked his interest in them and once he began tying his own flies, they quickly became his focus and passion.
Streamers and Bucktails | The Streamer List
[visit Chris’s streamer page on Streamers 365]

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11 Responses to #41 – Dunc’s Special

  1. mike arritt says:

    Dunc was one of the finest person I have ever known. He is missed by everyone who knew him ! God Bless HIM ! Mike Arritt

  2. Joel Stansbury says:

    Chris, as always, a beautiful job! Especially the head! Last thing i look at on a fly is the head. Often times it is neglected by the tyer, and ruins what would otherwise be a great fly. Yours are always neat & compact. Sign of an exceptional tyer?

  3. Dwayne Miller says:

    Great fly Chris….I really like it and will do a couple for the upcoming season. I have to apologize for the video. I simply set my camera in front of the television to film this…and the quality shows. But even with the poor quality…it never gets old to watch!!! Dunc is missed dearly….and amazed that 5 years has passed allready…. on Feb 10 i raised a glass for him that evening!

  4. Chris what a piece of artwork you have created. It is beautiful and a perfect fly to honour a very talented man such as Warren Duncan. The first time I watched this video I had a hard time concentrating on what he was tying because I was so fascinated by his story telling and found it incredible he could tie a fly at the same time he was telling this story.

  5. Mike Boyer says:

    Absolutely great fly, Chris. Wonderful tribute, and no doubt a fine fishing fly.

  6. Glenn Peckel says:

    exceptionally well done Chris and extremely fitting that this fly is posted on this day , the fifth aniversary of Warren’s passing. Great Job darren

  7. Bob Petti says:

    Damn – that’s a nice fly. Stops me in my tracks every time I see it. Beautifully tied, a wonderful example of Carrie Stevens’ style, and a fitting tribute to a special person.

  8. avril anjers says:

    Beautiful tie Chris. This video of Warren Duncan was my inspiration for tying the rusty rat which then introduced me to the feather wing. Great tribute and great fly. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Kelly L says:

    Chris, this is a beauty! I love everything about it. I am not sure what you meant by the lengths of orange floss though. Was the long over the short piece to build a slight taper? Anyway, I love the use of materials, it looks like a killer pattern to me!

    • pacres says:

      This is a reference to the Rusty Rat. In the Rusty Rat, there is a tag of floss that is laid back to the tail in the middle of the body. Chris incorporated this into his streamer pattern. It is a little hard to see it, but it is there just above the peacock herls.

  10. Charles Mann says:

    What a tribute to Warren Duncan. The Dunk Special is well tied and the combination of feather and floss makes a perfect streamer. I had the pleasure of tying with Dunk at show in Maine. I would love to have one of your Dunk Special . Charlie

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