#45 – Deep Green Beauty

#45 Dark Green Beauty - Gary P. Tanner

#45 Dark Green Beauty - Gary P. Tanner

Tied by: Gary P. Tanner
Originated by: Gary P. Tanner, a variation of Carrie Stevens Green Beauty

Hook: Partridge CS17 Ken Baker
Thread: Black 8/0
Tag: Oval gold tinsel
Butt: Dubbed black beaver underfur
Body: Bright yellow Uni-floss
Throat: UV minnow flash under golden pheasant crest
Wing: Claret polar bear
Underwing: 2 pairs saddle hackles dyed deep green
Cheeks: Wood duck
Eye: Jungle cock
Head: Black
Tutorial: Click here for a step by step photo tutorial for tying the Deep Green Beauty

Notes: The Deep Green Beauty has proved itself on both Atlantic and landlocked salmon to date. Obviously, its put together like many of the Stevens-style streamers, and Gary is happy to give all the attribution to the streamers that have gone before. Gary has changed up the colors and the “accutrements.” Gary dyed a white Whiting saddle with a Jacquard acid dye combination, and came up with the color you see. The “underwing” is claret polar bear, and interesting contrast to the otherwise dark colors of the streamer. Gary says “My delightful (and very Irish) companion Bridget said, when she saw the chunk of polar bear and the saddle lying on the drying table, that they were great Celtic colors, and would look great together. Who am I to argue with that?“.

For more info on Gary’s flies and a few other streamers gems, have a look here.

Gary TannerGary Tanner – I spent 10 years working for the National Wild Turkey Federation, first as a Regional Director, and finally as their first Director of Development. I then became Executive Director of the American Museum of Fly Fishing, a position I held for almost 7 years – making me the longest serving director of that institution in its history (trust me, that’s an accomplishment!). I left the nonprofit world to become, happily, a self-employed carpenter/cabinet maker.
The River’s Course
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3 Responses to #45 – Deep Green Beauty

  1. Kelly L says:

    Gary, love this version. Every time I hear the name of this fly, I think of you. The pattern is great, but I think it must be your favorite streamer of all time. You did a splendid job on this fly, love it!

  2. avril anjers says:

    Beauty indeed!! Thanks for the link to the tutorial. Great!

  3. Eunan says:

    This sure is a beauty. Very nice fly Gary! But you know already that i like it!!!

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