#54 – Baby Brown Trout

#54 Baby Brown Trout - Jon Harrang

#54 Baby Brown Trout - Jon Harrang

Tied by: Jon Harrang
Originated by: Jon Harrang

Hook: Gaelic Supreme Mike Martinek/Carrie Stevens streamer hook size 6, 8XL
Body: Copper mylar (copper-colored saltwater flashabou)
Rib: Oval copper tinsel, small
Belly: Approx. 6 strands of fine peacock herl followed by a small bunch of white bucktail.
Wing: Tied in as 2 separate units with shoulders, with each side consisting of a dark brown saddle hackle flanked on the outside with a Cree-colored India neck hackle.
Shoulder: Mallard flank feather dyed brown
Eyes: Small Jungle Cock
Throat: Schlappen fibers, dark brown
Head: Black Benecchi 12/0

Notes: Jon ties a deadly looking streamer. The cree hackle is a perfect mimic for the par markings on young trout. This is a great little casting steamer. Check out how small the head on the streamer is, I would be happy if my dry flies had heads that tiny.

Jon Harrang Jon Harrang – Jon lives on a mini-ranch/fixer-upper in central Oregon’s high desert with his wife and three daughters. He has been tying flies since he was in grade school, with a special emphasis on dressing both steelhead and Atlantic salmon patterns. He is relatively new to the streamer game but very interested in improving his skills and continuing to learn more about this style of fly.
[visit Jon’s streamer page]

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3 Responses to #54 – Baby Brown Trout

  1. Linda Beeman says:

    Gorgeous Jon! Congratulations.


  2. Monte Smith says:

    This is superb! What a beautiful streamer . The cree-colored neck hackle is a very nice touch. Wow!!!!!!

  3. Alan says:

    Great looking pattern. Outstanding workmanship.

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