#56 – Prairie Thunder

#56 Prairie Thunder - Jeff Smith

#56 Prairie Thunder - Jeff Smith

Tied by: Jeff Smith
Originated by: Jeff Smith

Hook: Mustad 94720 #4
Thread: Black 70 denier
Tag: Gold oval tinsel
Tail: Golden pheasant crest
Body: Black woolly bugger chenille
Throat: Yellow fishair
Underwing: Chartreuse holographic flash
Wing: 4 black saddle hackles flanked by hook length badger hackle
Head: Black

Notes: This is a slender dark fly, perfect for evenings on Alberta’s trophy trout potholes. Jeff was inspired to tie the pattern while fishing a typical hot southern Alberta summer evening. Thunder storms with lots of dark cloud and lightning are a common sight. Jeff seen one boiling up, and the mix of black clouds, lightning and swirling winds culminated in this pattern, the Prairie Thunder.

Jeff Smith on Streamers 365Jeff Smith – I have been tying flies since 1974. At that time I was living in Argentia Newfoundland. Due to the number of Scheduled Atlantic Salmon Rivers in the area all our fishing had to be fly fishing. I was lucky enough to receive a fly tying kit that year and have never looked back. In the ensuing years I have lived and fly-fished in many parts of Canada and the USA. My favourite tying styles include streamers (both feather-wing and buck-tails), Atlantic salmon hair-wings and soft hackle wet flies in Sylvester Nemes style.
Alberta Outdoorsmen
[visit Jeff’s streamer page on Streamers 365]

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