#57 – Brookie Fin

#57 Brookie Fin - Dave Lomasney
#57 Brookie Fin - Dave Lomasney

Tied by: Dave Lomasney
Originated by: Helen Shaw

Hook: Gaelic Supreme Mike Martinek 8xl #2
Thread: Black 6/0
Body: Silver flat tinsel
Throat: White schlappen
Wing: 4 orange hackles
Shoulder: Equal slips of white and black goose shoulder married
Eye: Jungle cock (optional)
Head: Black

Notes: Dave’s Brookie Fin is a conversion of a Helen Shaw pattern of the same name. With the bright orange hackle and silver body, this is an excellent streamer to cast to aggressive lake run brook trout and land locked salmon in the fall months. There are several similar patterns to the Brookie Fin (wet) which all feature married wings of the prevalent colors in the brook trout’s fin. Bergman Fontinalis, Fontinails Fin, Armstrong Fontinalis, Brook Fin, Trout Fin, and Olive Trout Fin all also share the distinctive married white black and orange wing but each is distinct.

Brookie Fin Wet Fly - Image courtesy of Don Bastian
Brookie Fin Wet Fly - Image courtesy of Don Bastian

For more info on the wet Brookie fin and its kin:

Dave Lomasney – I was born and raised a New Englander, were I love to fly fish, hunt, hike and most of all tie classic streamer and wet flies. I started flyfishing and tying about thirty years ago when I bought a Universal Fly Tying Kit from the Kittery Trading Post here in Maine. Little did I know were it would take me. Simple bucktails at first, Mickey Fin, Blacknose Dace, and Wardens Worry. It was with that first Wardens Worry that I caught my first trout with a fly.
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