#58 – Guide’s Special

#58 Guide's Special - Jim Warner

#58 Guide’s Special – Jim Warner

Tied by: Jim Warner
Originated by: Unknown

Hook: Mustad 94720 #4
Thread: Black 6/0
Body: Silver flat tinsel
Belly: Blue bucktail
Wing: Red bucktail then 4 slender yellow hackles tied on top
Eye: Jungle cock or painted (optional)
Head: Black

Notes: It is often thought that the Guide’s Special is one of Jim’s creations, but the streamer (or an earlier version) was shown to Jim by famed guide of Winnipesaukee, Glenn Morrill. In 1962, while trolling the “triangle” ,which is a spot in outer Alton Bay, encompassing the points of Black Point, Ship and Moose Islands, Glenn pulled up alongside Jim to chat and see how he was fairing. During that conversion, Glenn showed Jim a large #1 or #2 crude streamer, still attached to his line, dressed with the blue throat, red wing and yellow hackle. That blue, red and yellow color scheme used in the Guide’s Special was also the basis of the Babb’s Ghost pattern, and can be seen on several patterns originating from the area dating back into the 1940’s and perhaps earlier.

Jim WarnerJim Warner – My fly-tying has been listed in several books: Dick Stewart’s Trolling Flies for Trout & Salmon; Dick Surette’s Trout and Salmon Fly Index; Don Wilson’s Smelt Fly Dressings; Mike Martinek’s Streamer Fly Patterns for Trolling & Casting 1 & 2; many periodicals such as On The Water, UFT, etc; and many newspaper articles…. too many to describe.
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