#60 – Red Dawn

#60 Red Dawn - Damian Lee Welsh

#60 Red Dawn - Damian Lee Welsh

Tied by: Damian Lee Welsh
Originated by: Damian Lee Welsh

Hook: Partridge CS15 #4
Thread: White
Tip: Fine silver oval tinsel
Tag: Yellow silk floss
Tail: Golden pheasant crest dyed red
Butt: White ostrich
Body: Lavender floss
Rib: Medium silver oval tinsel
Belly: Medium dun bucktail then Golden pheasant crest dyed red
Underwing: Small bunch of black bucktail
Wing: 2 red hackles
Topping: Peacock herl and Golden pheasant crest dyed red
Shoulder: Barred wood duck
Eye: Jungle cock
Head: Black

Notes: The name of the fly may conjure up memories of the 1984 blockbuster of the same name, but there ends the similarities. Damian is Salmo salar to the bone, and many of his salmon fly tying skills translate to his work in his streamers. Tip, tag and butt are familiar terms for tyers versed in the traditions of the full dressed Atlantic salmon flies such as the Jock Scott, but seldom seem in streamer circles. The Red Dawn brings and artistic east coast flavor to the project.

Damian Lee Welsh Damian Welsh – Damian Lee Welsh has been tying flies and fly fishing since the age of twelve, introduced to both by his late Grandfather Lee Bushell. Over the past six years, he has become internationally known for his Classic Atlantic Salmon Flies.
Classic Salmon Flies
[visit Damian’s streamer page on Streamers 365]

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2 Responses to #60 – Red Dawn

  1. Shoreman says:

    Another colorful fly. Very nice.


  2. Kelly L says:

    That is an incredible tye! I love the colors and the whole bold look to this fly.

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