#61 – Sebago Sunrise

#61/365 Sebago Sunrise - Bill Chandler

#61/365 Sebago Sunrise - Bill Chandler

Tied by: Bill Chandler
Originated by: Bill Chandler

Hook: Gaelic Supreme Mike Martinek hook
Thread: Black
Body: Orange tinsel
Belly: Peacock herl, orange and white bucktail
Under-shoulder: Red and black schlappen fibers
Throat: Red and black schlappen fibers
Underwing: Red dyed golden pheasant crest
Wing: Red variant hackles
Shoulder: Lemon wood duck
Eyes: Jungle cock

Notes: Sebago Lake is one of Maine’s deepest waters and has served as military flight training area at one point in its life with several aircraft lost in it’s depths. The abysmal waters of the Sebago hold a population of Altantic salmon left behind when the last major glaciers retreated. At one point, the entire watershed was submerged in the ocean waters. As the land rose and the saltwater retreated, a population of the Salmo salar became permanent residents. This is wonderful for the anglers who remain to chase after them and has been a destination for anglers hungry for the tug of these top aquatic predators. Bill uses a variant hackle dyed red in the wing that gives the streamer a wonderful uniqueness. If you aren’t lucky enough to have some variant, black laced hackle dyed red may be a good substitute.

Bill ChandlerBill Chandler – I have been tying flies for the Angler and the collector since 1978. I discovered fly fishing and fly tying by watching a Canadian angling show one Saturday morning. Since then I have spent a considerable time of my life learning both the old and new techniques of tying flies.
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  2. Rich says:

    Beautifully done!

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