#65 – Lady Coq De Leon

#65 Lady Coq de Leon - Joel Stansbury
#65 Lady Coq de Leon - Joel Stansbury

Tied by: Joel Stansbury
Originated by: Joel Stansbury

Hook: Partridge CS15
Thread: Black
Body: Gold flat tinsel
Belly: White bucktail
Throat: Silver pheasant body feather fibers and golden pheasant tippet
Wing: Olive hackle flanked by Coq De Leon hackle
Eyes: Jungle cock
Head: Black

Notes: There is something magical with the way the spotted Coq De Leon feathers blend with other hackles. That combined with the wonderful speckling of the golden pheasant tippet in the throat, presents mottled muted tones seen on many bait fish. The modern piscivore will be please to see this streamer trolled in front of it’s nose and should find it hard to pass up this tempting morsel.

Joel Stansbury Joel Stansbury – I started tying flies about 1967 in Wausau, Wisconsin when I worked for Kraft Foods. I have been lucky to get lessons from Dick Talleur & Bob Veverka, and a long time friendship and correspondence with John Shewey. I learned Spey flies from John, Streamers & Dee flies from Bob, and everything else from Dick.
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  1. I need to make a small correction on the Throat: it is a Silver Pheasant body fthr. and a G.Ph. Tippet .Thanks for the kind comments everyone.

  2. Joel, your flies are always a treat for me. Beautiful fly here. I am a big fan of Coq de Leon, but have not acquired any yet. That is going to have to change. (especially after seeing this beauty~!)

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