#73 – Dixie

#73 Dixie - Don Ordes

#73 Dixie - Don Ordes

Tied by: Don Ordes
Originated by: Don Ordes

Hook: Unkonwn (big and beefy saltwater hook)
Thread: Black 8/0
Butt: Red seal dubbing
Body: Gold oval tinsel large
Rib: Gold flat tinsel medium
Throat: Squirrel and red polar bear
Wing: 2 golden olive hackles flanked by claret hackle, flanked by grizzly dyed peach hackles
Shoulder: Red dyed Guinea hen, blue peacock breast then peacock body feather
Eye: Jungle cock
Head: Black

Notes: Don is known for his fondness of the large flies and this one fits the bill. This is the second biggest streamer in the project. The wing is an odd combination of peach, claret and olive, something you wouldn’t (or least I wouldn’t) think to put together, but came about thanks to Don’s Wing Thing’s system. By playing around with the infinite combination of colors, Don is able to come away with these unique blends. It is tied on a modified saltwater hook, but could be tied in smaller sizes as well.

Don OrdesDon Ordes – Mr. Fantasy Fly. I don’t know how to describe myself as a fly tier, so I don’t know anyone else could, at least and be accurate. I enjoy all kinds of tying and then some which aren’t even kinds one can explain. I am serious at times, but most times not. I enjoy flies for fishing, but not the ones anyone else fishes.
Fantasy Flies
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