#82 – Jordan’s No 80

#82 Jordan's No 80 - Selene Dumaine

#82 Jordan's No 80 - Selene Dumaine

Tied by: Selene Dumaine
Originated by: Selene Dumaine

Hook: 8xl #4 or #6
Thread: White
Tag: Flat silver tinsel
Body: Red floss
Rib: Flat silver tinsel
Belly: White kid goat hair
Throat: Golden pheasant yellow body feather
Underwing: Peacock herl
Wing: Four natural dun saddle hackle
Shoulder: Jungle cock shoulder feather flanked by a red golden pheasant body feather
Eye: Jungle cock
Head: Black

Notes: Selene created Jordan’s No. 80 to commemorate Richard A Jordan’s eightieth birthday in April 2007. Selene was inspired to tie during a pleasant visit with his grandson, Dan Hillier. Dan, and avid angler himself, had great suggestions for the fly, and the collaboration proved a success. The pattern has a classic look with its white belly and red body while the natural dun hackle is reminiscent of the early days of the long flies. The throat of yellow golden pheasant is a beautiful feature, something I’m considering adding to my own next creation. The muted yellow rounds out the antique look of the streamer.

Selene Dumaine Selene Dumaine – Selene Dumaine, born the year Carrie Stevens died, is an accomplished fly tyer dedicated to practicing traditional methods of fly tying, as well as originating new patterns to closely replicate the naturals found on her home waters of Maine.
[visit Selene’s streamer page on Streamers 365]

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2 Responses to #82 – Jordan’s No 80

  1. barry phillips says:

    Beauty fly,nicely done,great combination of materials that everyone has but does not use enough.

  2. Kelly L says:

    I love this one, everything about it!

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