#85 – Brook Trout (Variant)(Tandem)

#85 Brook Trout (var) - Steve Labrecque

#85 Brook Trout (var) - Steve Labrecque

Tied by: Steve Labrecque
Originated by: Lew Oatman
Source: Streamer Fly Tying & Fishing by Joseph D. Bates, Jr, – Pg 237

Hook: Tandem rig (#4 Mustad 3399 hook up front, #6 rear hook being connected with wire cable)
Thread: White
Body: White floss
Rib: Gold flat tinsel
Belly: Orange bucktail
Throat: Red hackle
Wing: 2 grizzly orange hackles flanked by olive hackle painted with alternating yellow and red painted dots
Shoulder: Olive mallard flank
Eyes: Jungle cock nail
Topping: Peacock herl
Head: Olive

Notes: Steve did an amazing job on the variation of Lew Oatman’s original Brook Trout. The idea behind the Brook Trout streamer was to imitate closely, the smaller brook trout in the stream. It was designed to target larger piscivorous brook trout who fed on the smaller class brookies. I’m a big fan of Mr. Oatman’s painted dots on the streamer, and with the darker orange background in the wing, it really adds definition to the fly. Just as Mr. Oatman put a lot of time and study into his creation, Steve has retained the original feel of the fly and taken it to a new level.

steve labrecque Steve Labrecque – Steve is 55 years old and has been tying streamers for over 35 years. He has one son and four grandchildren to pass on his fishing passion to. He has specialized in tandem streamers for many of those years but enjoys tying on long shank hooks as well. Steve was raised near the water and he grew up in the Sebago Lake area. Both his father and grandfather had fishing camps on the lake, and fishing and streamers run deep in his blood.
[visit Steve’s streamer page on Streamers 365]

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  1. Alan says:

    Great looking streamer Steve. I’m going to tie up one, although not tandem.

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