#100 – White Tiger

#100 White Tiger - Darren MacEachern

#100 White Tiger - Darren MacEachern

Tied by: Darren MacEachern
Originated by: Gray Wolf

Hook: Mustad 3907 B #4
Thread: White fwn
Tag: Flat silver tinsel
Tail: Orange schlappen fibers
Body: Orange floss
Rib: Silver oval tinsel
Throat: Orange schlappen fibers
Wing: White hackle flanked by grizzly hackle
Eye: Jungle cock
Head: Black

Notes: While researching the project, I was unable to find Gray Wolf’s site as it had been taken offline when he retired in 2009/2010. I was lucky enough to find a cache of images on an archive of his site, and among the images was one for the White tiger pattern. The pattern may not be 100% correct as I was going off of a small grainy image, but I believe I caught the spirit of the pattern.

Gray Wolf's White Tiger

Gray Wolf's White Tiger

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Darren MacEachern – Darren has been fishing from the age of 4 all across Canada. He started on the east coast in Prince Edward Island before moving west to the banks of the Bow River in Calgary Alberta. He now resides just outside of Toronto, fishing the Great Lakes and the fine tributary waters around.
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3 Responses to #100 – White Tiger

  1. David Sanger says:

    very handsomely photographed

  2. Kelly L says:

    Lovely streamer. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before. I love the rarities. Thanks for sharing this Darren.

    • pacres says:

      Thanks Kelly, and no problem. I love the lesser seen ones as well. There is also an Orange Tiger in the series. I hope to be able to tie a few more for the project.

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