#108 – Black Moose

#108 Black Moose - Dave Lomasney

#108 Black Moose - Dave Lomasney

Tied by: Dave Lomasney
Originated by: Unknown

Hook: Gaelic Supreme Mike Martinek 8xl #2
Thread: Black 6/0
Tag: Flat silver tinsel
Tail: Green quill (goose or duck)
Body: Black floss
Throat: Purple hackle fibers then black hackle fibers
Wing: 4 dark purple hackles
Shoulder: Guineafowl body feather
Eye: Jungle cock (optional)
Head: Black

Notes: Dave’s Black Moose Fin is another wet fly conversion. The original pattern featured a married wing of purple quill over guineafowl . Dave did an impressive job keeping the spirit of the original in the conversion, keeping the purple (almost black here) in the wing and moving the guineafowl to the shoulder. Interestingly enough, the wet version of the Black Moose does not have a hackle listed in the dressing. An interesting thing to note as only a couple of the 500+ wet flies comprised by Ray Bergman’s Trout do not have hackle.

Black Moose - Image courtesy of Don Bastian

Black Moose - Image courtesy of Don Bastian

Black Moose Wet Fly (unknown originator)
Tip: Silver tinsel
Tail: Green hackle fibers
Ribbing: None
Body: Black floss
Wing: Guineafowl and purple married

Dave Lomasney – I was born and raised a New Englander, were I love to fly fish, hunt, hike and most of all tie classic streamer and wet flies. I started flyfishing and tying about thirty years ago when I bought a Universal Fly Tying Kit from the Kittery Trading Post here in Maine. Little did I know were it would take me. Simple bucktails at first, Mickey Fin, Blacknose Dace, and Wardens Worry. It was with that first Wardens Worry that I caught my first trout with a fly.
[visit Dave’s streamer page on Streamers 365]

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2 Responses to #108 – Black Moose

  1. Joel Stansbury says:

    Dave, great job on both flies. Good looking heads.

  2. Shoreman says:

    You know I’ve been following along all year, so I thought I’d pass this along. If I mentioned it previously please disregard this as we Geezers tend to forget things.
    Dave Bargeron from Blood Sweat & Tears has a book coming out called Jazz Flies. Here’s the link to his site.


    Kind of fits in with what you’re doing.


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