#119 – Bolshevik

#119 Bolshevik - Monte Smith

#119 Bolshevik - Monte Smith

Tied by: Monte Smith
Originated by: Fred B. Fowler
Source: Forgotten Flies, Schmookler & Sils (1999),
Streamer Fly Tying and Fishing, Bates (1966) Pg 234-235

Hook: Mustad-Chestertown #3298m #8
Eye: Silk gut
Tail: Golden yellow hackle tip
Body: Flat silver tinsel
Belly: Light brown (tan) bucktail
Wing: 2 red saddle hackles flanked ginger furnace hackles with a dark pronounced stripe
Eyes: Jungle Cock
Head: Black

Notes: The patterns was originated by Fred B Fowler of Maine is 1925. There are several variations of the fly, 3 of these are included in the streamer library at the end of Forgotten Flies.

As a long time Russian history buff, I always wanted to tie this fly. I think this particular “unique” hook lends itself to sleek classic feather-wing patterns.

The fly is said to be great for targeting late season landlocked salmon, brook trout and lake trout.

Monte Smith Monte Smith – Monte Smith is a well-rounded and accomplished fly tyer. His work is featured in books, periodicals, on websites, and in frames around the world. From his original featherwing streamers within the pages of Tying Classic Freshwater Streamers by David Klausmeyer to a four recent articles featuring original patterns in Northwest/Southwest Fly Fishing magazines, there are a number of projects that feature his flies.
[visit Monte’s streamer page]

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