#94 – Stewart’s Hawk

#94 Stewart's Hawk - Tony Smith

#94 Stewart's Hawk - Tony Smith

Tied by: Tony Smith
Originated by: Austin Hogan
Source: Streamer Fly Tying and Fishing (Joseph D. Bates, Jr., 1966) Pg. 344-345

Hook: 4xl
Thread: black 8/0
Tail: Small bunch of white bucktail, half as long as hook shank.
Body: Embossed/pleated silver tinsel
Throat: Small bunch of red hackle fibers, half length of body.
Wings: Small bunch of light blue hair, reaching to end of tail. Over this rather wide slips of any soft,
streaked/mottled feather to imitate hawk (used in original).
Cheeks: Small jungle cock.
Head: Black thread.

Notes: The Stewart’s Hawk is another Austin Hogan pattern. It was created for his friend and fellow angler Clarence “Cak” Stewart. It is responsible for taking a number of smallmouth bass in the Northeastern United States and no doubt many trout have been fooled into grabbing hold. The wing was selected for its softness and for the motion imparted as it is stripped through the water, pulsing with the strip and pause. The original pattern called for hawk feathers to be used in the wing strips, but in almost all cases, it is now illegal to possess raptor feathers. Turkey, peacock or any other mottled feather should work in place of the hawk.

Tony Smith - Fly Tyer Tony Smith – Anthony (Tony) Smith began tying flies with his LL Bean fly tying kit that he received from his parents for Christmas 1988. From tying commercially for his high school “job” for the likes of Hunter’s Angling and American Angling Supplies, to having his flies sought for various publications, Tony is proud to have his work be of known quality.
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