Thank You

I wanted to give a huge thank you to Gary Fraser and the admins over at for their huge contribution of flies for the project. The folks over at put together a killer selection of Atlantic salmon flies for us to auction off and raise some funds towards the project goals. Below are a few pictures from the box Gary sent over. We’ll be putting it on auction along with the March 365 streamers Sunday evening.

Flies from

An overhead shot of one of the boxes

Flies from

A few of the flies from the box

Flies from

Oh, look, a second box of flies!

Flies from

Box 2 of flies. Streamers, bombers, salmon and spey.

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5 Responses to Thank You

  1. Kelly L says:

    What a great bunch of flies, excellent work!

  2. Dan Despres says:

    Congrats on a unique and awesome project! We were glad to do a little to help you achieve your Streamer 365 goals!

    Dan Despres

  3. Darren we were all glad we could help out with such a great project.


  4. Gary says:

    Darren we were glad to do it as a group. The flies were donated by our moderators Mike MacKinnon, Robbie Hiltz, Roland Pentz, Dan Depres and Myself. We are all big fans of your 365 project and love to help you out anyway we can.

  5. Loretta Parent says:

    This is so generous of them. I am sure that this contribution is going to be a great fund raiser.

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