#124 – North Platte Sunset

#124 North Platte Sunset - Don Ordes

#124 North Platte Sunset - Don Ordes

Tied by: Don Ordes
Originated by: Don Ordes

Hook: Gaelic Supreme Mike Martinek Rangeley Streamer hook
Thread: Black 6/0
Tag: Gold flat tinsel
Butt: Red seal
Body: Gold oval tinsel
Rib: gold flat tinsel
Belly: Red squirrel tail and sparse orange polar bear
Throat: Orange polar bear underfur
Wing: 4 black laced hackles (badger shadow laced)
Shoulder: Green Lady Amherst pheasant feather and Temminck’s tragopan body feather
Head: Black

Notes: The North Platte winds through Don’s hometown of Casper, Wyoming and while I have never had the pleasure of fishing the river myself, I can only assume that it is something I need to see in person and add to my bucket list. The black laced feather Don used has to be one of the most majestic hackles I’ve ever laid eyes upon. It is further accentuated by laying a slimmer hackle over a wider hackle, giving you the full impact of the black tinged hackle. The shoulder of tragopan and Amherst pheasant is brilliant, and while I am a big fan of jungle cock eyes, this really works well for me.

The Badger Shadow Lace feathers were a transition variant, but wasn’t one of the qualities it breed for, and so, these feathers have been since lost to the genetic stream. They are a true rarity in all things hackle, but quite a marvelous looking feather.

Don OrdesDon Ordes – Mr. Fantasy Fly. I don’t know how to describe myself as a fly tier, so I don’t know anyone else could, at least and be accurate. I enjoy all kinds of tying and then some which aren’t even kinds one can explain. I am serious at times, but most times not. I enjoy flies for fishing, but not the ones anyone else fishes.
Fantasy Flies
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3 Responses to #124 – North Platte Sunset

  1. Gary says:

    Really like this fly I will be keeping an eye on this come auction time!

  2. Alan says:

    Wow, thst’s beautiful.
    Nicely done.

  3. Kelly L says:

    Beautiful work!

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