#133 – Dad’s Streamer aka G.S. Special

#133 Dad's Streamer aka G.S. Special - Robert Galante

#133 Dad's Streamer aka G.S. Special - Robert Galante

Tied by: Robert Galante
Originated by: Lou Galante and Dick Surette

Hook: Rear hook Mustad 3906 #4 and fromt hook Mustad 3906B #4
Thread: Black
Body: Silver tinsel or Bills Body Braid silver
Tail: A fluff of fire orange or orange marabou. Take some of the fluffy fibers from the base of the saddle feather you use for the wing.
Belly: White bucktail
Throat: A fluff of fire orange marabou. (as per tail)
Underwing: Orange bucktail
Wing: 4 grizzly dyed fire orange saddle hackle
Shoulder: Teal flank
Cheek: Jungle cock
Head: Black

Notes: The fly was originally tied by Dick Surette. Robert and his father were regular patrons of Dick Surette’s fly shop in North Country NH during Robert’s teenage years. His father Lou had an idea for a fly he wanted to have tied for trolling the Connecticut lakes. He and Dick discussed the particulars for some time before coming up with this finalized version. Robert’s father did end up fishing it in the Third Connecticut lake and did very well. In addition to being an effective trolling pattern, Robert also finds the streamer to be perfect for casting when tied up in smaller sizes. The fly was unnamed, but Robert wanted to give this fly a name and Dad’s Streamer seemed most appropriate. Another awesome brookie fly!

Robert Galante Streamer Tyer Robert Galante – I’m a 55 year old fly tier who has been behind the vise since I was 12. I enjoy tying flies of all styles and most recently have been experimenting with wet flies. Both wet flies made popular by Ray Bergman/Don Bastian and the style of wet flies that are commonly fished in the UK. I do love Streamers for their beauty and there ability to catch fish.
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2 Responses to #133 – Dad’s Streamer aka G.S. Special

  1. alan petrucci says:

    Beautiful fly. I can see why its effective.
    The streamers name was a good one.

  2. Kelly L says:

    Outstanding design, and tie. Gorgeous!

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