#145 – Black Beauty

#145 Black Beauty - Monte Smith
#145 Black Beauty - Monte Smith

Tied by: Monte Smith
Originated by: Jim Deren
Source: Forgotten Flies, Schmookler & Sils (1999),
Rare and Unusual Fly Tying Materials Volume 2, Schmookler & Sils (1997)

Hook: Mustad-Chestertown #3298, #8 (modified hook)
Eye: Silk gut
Tail: Red schlappen
Body: Green tinsel
Throat: Red schlappen
Wing: Four black hackles
Cheeks: Jungle cock
Head: Black

Notes: I really can’t get enough of the flies Monte tied on the Mustad-Chestertown #3298 hooks. This pattern is found in Schmookler & Sils books, and I can say that I much prefer Monte’s take on the streamer. Not to take away from Marcelo Morales’ beautifully tied fly that appears in both Forgotten Flies and Rare and Unusual Fly Tying Materials Volume 2, I just really like how that hook looks.

Monte Smith Monte Smith – Monte Smith is a well-rounded and accomplished fly tyer. His work is featured in books, periodicals, on websites, and in frames around the world. From his original featherwing streamers within the pages of Tying Classic Freshwater Streamers by David Klausmeyer to a four recent articles featuring original patterns in Northwest/Southwest Fly Fishing magazines, there are a number of projects that feature his flies.
[visit Monte’s streamer page]



  1. I really love these flies on Chestertown hooks. They always have a sleek predatory look, very effective!!

    Great fly again Monte!


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