#149 – Coho Blue-zer

#149 Coho Blue-zer - Cory Koenig

#149 Coho Blue-zer - Cory Koenig

Tied by: Cory Koenig
Originated by: Cory Koenig

Hook: Vision 1/0 2xl
Thread: 6/0 white
Tail: 2 light blue hackle tips flanked by navy blue hackle tips
Body: Medium oval silver tinsel
Throat: Mixed light and navy blue hackle fibers
Wing: 2 light blue hackles flanked by navy blue hackles
Cheeks: Jungle cock
Head: White

Notes: The Coho Blue is a staple pattern on the west coast created by the legendary Roderick Haig-Brown in the 1930’s to entice coho into snapping at the fly rather than just following it. Cory modified the pattern for his clients at webflyz.com, modifying the pattern a bit. The fly continues to elicit hammer hard strikes from coho and has also peaked the interest of a number of steep shouldered chrome steelhead and some angry bull trout. It is a simple and effective pattern Cory keeps stocked in his fly box at all times.

I was born in Kelowna, British Columbia and raised there until the age of 5, absorbing the most awesome art of fly tying from my father and grandfather. I soon found that my passion was tying flies that fooled any fish… in any waters. Using creations to imitate a certian fly, bug or invertibrae to distract Mission Creek bound sockeye and trout species in every S.E.K.I.D. pond above the massive Okanagan Lake, brought me pleasure and calmed me in a way that nothing does to this day.
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