#151 – Lady Dawes

#151 Lady Dawes - David Mac

#151 Lady Dawes - David Mac

Tied by: David Mac
Originated by: David Mac

Hook: Martinek Carrie Stevens hook #1 10X Long
Thread: Black
Body: Silver Mylar tinsel, size 10
Rib: Uni-French oval tinsel silver small
Belly: White bucktail tied sparse
Throat: Red hackle topped with black hackle
Wing: Two black saddle hackles flanked by two shrimp pink saddle hackles
Shoulder: Lady Amherst tippets, over which is a Black Francolin flank with double eyes
Eyes: Jungle cock

Notes: Tied for Mr. and Mrs. William Dawes of the UK for their 2011 annual Maine fishing vacation.

David MacDavid Mac – I have been tying flies since 1964 and it has brought me, countless hours of enjoyment. As a young guest at the United Fly Tyers meetings in Boston, MA I was introduced to Streamers by many of the Great Tyers. In the 1970′s I spent a decade providing streamers to many of the best Maine Fly Shops and Camps.
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2 Responses to #151 – Lady Dawes

  1. Kelly L says:

    Outstanding work David!

  2. Lovely streamer.
    Well done.

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