A Few Auctions for Streamer Aficionados

I’ve been watching the auctions on eBay for a while and found a selection of items you might be interested in. A few hard to come by items the streamer tyer will especially be interested in.

Gaelic Supreme Mike Martinek Streamer Hooks 8xl Size 2 – Not that they are hard to find, but they are a nice price for a pack of hooks. You can always find them at belvoirdale.com The seller (gasks) also has a bunch of other hooks on auction including the VMC / Mustad B-17 and some nice looking Whiting American streamer capes.

Trolling Flies for Trout & Salmon by Dick Stewart and Bob Leeman – these are hard to come by, and this one looks to be in wonderful condition, and even includes the original brown paper bag it came in. Although a new printing of 300 copies is now available, this first edition will look much nicer on the bookshelf IMHO. Also check out the nice selection of Whiting American capes offered by this seller (bluegill1441).

Allcock Streamer Fly Tying Hooks #2811 – #4 Size – This is a wonderful little find of antique Allcock 2811 #4 hooks, sproat bend very long (SVL). I’m sure you can find a use for these hooks, perhaps a framed set of Carrie Stevens patterns or your own creations to hang in the (wo)man cave.

Happy hunting!

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