#155 – Cut Lips

#155 Cut Lips - Mike Boyer

#155 Cut Lips - Mike Boyer

Tied by: Mike Boyer
Originated by: Lew Oatman
Source: Streamer Fly Tying and Fishing: Bates Pg. 261

Hook: Gaelic Supreme Mike Martinek Rangeley Streamer 6xl
Thread: White 70 denier
Tail: Blue dun hackle
Body: Lavender silk
Ribbing: Flat silver tinsel
Throat: Blue dun hackle fibers
Wing: 2 olive hackles flanked by dun hackle
Cheeks: Jungle cock
Head: Black

Notes: As much as it sounds like an unfortunate accident with a wayward back cast and an unsuspecting passer-by, the Cut Lips streamer is actually named for one of the minnows Mr. Oatman studied. The Cut Lips is one of the famous imitator patterns Mr. Oatman originated, and included the distinctive tapered body Mr. Oatman is famous for. The cut lips minnow is a dark colored one and has a range that includes the famous Battenkill in Vermont and New York state’s Ausable River. The streamer is most successful in the habitat of the minnow, that being rapid flows, whitewater and beneath falls.

Mike Boyer Mike Boyer – I started tying flies for Trout in the early 1960’s. My folks bought me a little boxed fly tying kit from the local sporting goods store that included a Thompson vise, some hackles and various body and winging materials. A couple of my father’s friends taught me how to cast a fly, and the obsession with flies and fly fishing began.
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