#158 – Northwest Bay

#158 Northwest Bay - Darren MacEachern
#158 Northwest Bay - Darren MacEachern

Tied by: Darren MacEachern
Originated by: Ken Thayer
Source: Long Feathers Long Flies: Ken Thayer 1997 Pg. 13

Hook: Mustad 3907A #2
Thread: Black flat waxed nylon
Tag: Embossed copper tinsel
Body: Silver tinsel flat
Rib: Embossed copper tinsel
Belly: Peacock herl, pink bucktail and white bucktail
Wing: 2 dark dun hackles flanked by hot pink hackles
Shoulder: Mallard flank
Eye: Jungle cock
Head: Black

Notes: This is another pattern found in Ken Thayer’s “Long Feathers Long Flies” booklet. The dark grey feathers flanked by the pink hackle is really quite convincing as a smelt body when the gets saturated. Ken describes this smelt pattern as being a productive one for trolling on New York’s Lake George.

Darren MacEachern – Darren has been fishing from the age of 4 all across Canada. He started on the east coast in Prince Edward Island before moving west to the banks of the Bow River in Calgary Alberta. He now resides just outside of Toronto, fishing the Great Lakes and the fine tributary waters around.
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  1. Thanks Kelly

    I’m a fan of the pink and grey, I guess the head could be smaller here too, but I’m pretty happy with it overall.

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