#162 – Barnes Special

#162 Barnes Special - Don Bastian

#162 Barnes Special – Don Bastian

Tied by: Don Bastian
Originated by: Cecil Lowell Barnes
Source: Tandem Streamers: the Essential Guide – Donald A. Wilson pg. 80,96

Hook: #2 Gaelic Supreme Mike Martinek Rangeley streamer hook
Thread: Red
Tail: 2 short jungle cock body feathers
Body: Flat silver tinsel
Ribbing: Oval silver tinsel
Underwing: A small bunch of red bucktail over which is a very small bunch of white bucktail
Wing: 2 yellow hackles flanked by grizzly hackle
Collar: Several turns of white hackle (tied on after wing)
Head: Red

Notes: The Barnes Special is an adaptation from a streamer called the Hurricane (aka the Wonder) created by Fred Fowler. The Barnes includes a yellow hackle, a change from a peacock sword throat to a wrapped white hackle and a change of head color from the Hurricane, from black to red. Barnes was from Long Beach East Sebago, Maine  and was a guide in the Sebago Lake area. He was known to examine the stomach contents of his catches and no doubt used this insight to create the Barnes Special. The Barnes Special is one of the most popular eastern streamers and is credited with the capture of thousands of salmon. It is said to be particularly effective when trolled in the spring. The Hurricane will be featured in the project later in the year.

Don BastianDon Bastian – Don was born and has lived in Pennsylvania all his life. He started fishing at about the same time he learned to walk. He has been tying flies and fly fishing since 1964. He has taught fly tying classes since 1987, has 16 years guiding experience, and has been operating his business, Bastian’s Angling Specialties since 1983.
Don Bastian Wet Flies | Don’s MyFlies.com profile
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10 Responses to #162 – Barnes Special

  1. (Buddy) Lowell E. Barnes Jr. says:

    Great Job and Nicely Done. Thank You. C.Lowell Barnes was a Maine Guide from Long Beach East Sebago Maine. However, it was his son who was the Dr. Dr. Lowell E. Barnes of Hiram Maine. He was my best friend, He was my Dad. Grampa Cecil first tide this fly in the mid ’30s to be used trolling Sebago in a canoe with a bamboo fly rod for monster salmon.

    • pacres says:

      Hi Buddy> Great to have you drop by and check out the fly. Thank you for the correction on the information, I’ll note this in the write-up. Many thanks!

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  3. Don Bastian says:

    Sorry that I’m just now realizing I had comments here on some of my patterns. I appreciate your mention and link to my blog post on the Barnes Special. I as tying that pattern back in the late ’80’s when I first started to fish the Moosehead Lake region of Maine. I also liked it enough and for its different components that I included the Barnes Special in my streamer DVD.
    Thanks again!

  4. pacres says:

    If you want to get a bit more info on the pattern and more background on the tyer, visit Don’s post about the streamer. http://donbastianwetflies.wordpress.com/2012/06/10/barnes-special/

  5. Kelly L says:

    Oh I am so glad somebody tied this pattern. Don, it is gorgeous.

    • pacres says:

      We couldn’t do the project without the Barnes Special. I would be like leaving out the Black or Grey Ghost!

    • Don Bastian says:

      Thanks Kelly;
      As I wrote to Darren, over half way through the year and I just now realized people have left comments here. ‘Bout time I get with the program, lol! Thank you for your compliment!

  6. Ken says:

    Nice. I have one on my desk that I tied and caught a seven pound brookie on in Labrador with my friend Joe Sterling. It brought back many happy memories.

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