#164 – Bogong Beauty

#164 Bogong Beauty - Robert Frandsen
#164 Bogong Beauty - Robert Frandsen

Tied by: Robert Frandsen
Originated by: Robert Frandsen

Hook: Mustad 94720
Thread: White
Tag: Flat silver tinsel
Body: Chartreuse silk / floss
Rib: Flat silver tinsel
Belly: Peacock herl then white bucktail
Throat: Chartreuse schlappen
Underwing: Golden pheasant crest
Wing: 2 chartreuse hackles flanked by grizzly hackle
Shoulder: Wood duck flank
Eyes: Jungle cock
Head: Black (optional chartreuse band)

Notes: The Bogong Beauty was inspired by a trout fly developed by one of Bob’s fishing buddies some time ago that featured a grizzly wing. Bob added the chartreuse wing and just went with it, decking the streamer out in chartreuse. The Bogong High Plains are an iconic section of the Alpine National Park in the Australian state of Victoria with Mount Bogong the main focal point.

Robert FrandsenBob (Robert) Frandsen – I started fishing at a pretty early age going as a hanger on with my grandfather in my pre- school years.
I began tying flies at 13 under the guidance of Lance Wedlick who was well known in Australia more as writer.
“The Blacker Compendium” | Robert’s site
[visit Bob’s streamer page on Streamers 365]



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