#181 – Lady Poacher

#181 Lady Poacher - Darren MacEachern
#181 Lady Poacher – Darren MacEachern

Tied by: Darren MacEachern
Originated by: Darren MacEachern

Hook: Partridge CS15 #2
Thread: White flat waxed nylon
Tail: Orange schlappen
Body: Sun Yellow UNI-wool
Rib: Silver embossed tinsel
Belly: White bucktail
Throat: Orange schlappen
Underwing: Olive bucktail
Wing: 2 wide grizzly dyed yellow hackles flanked by thinner grizzly dyed olive hackles
Shoulder: Lady Amherst red tipped rump feathers
Cheek: Jungle cock
Head: Black

Notes: This was originally tied to search out and target the northern pike that hunt the edges of lake Ontario in search of perch and other bait species. The wing is purposely tied with a thinner hackle on front to allow the yellow tones to show through, giving the fly more layers of color. In additon to being a great streamer for pike, it has found favor with bass, brown trout and even a couple dinner plate sizes perch.

Darren MacEachern – Darren has been fishing from the age of 4 all across Canada. He started on the east coast in Prince edward Island before moving west to the banks of the Bow river in Calgary Alberta. he now resides just outside of Toronto, fishing the Great lakes and the fine tributary waters around.
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  1. Wow! 1st class! Super thinking on the wing!Great head! Without a doubt, one of your best creations! Love it!

  2. Darren, this one is wonderful. I thought this would be a good perch imitation, and great for attracting bass. I am gonna have to try this one!

    1. For sure Kelly. I’d tie it on a B-17 for bass I think. If you try it, let me know how you make out. I have a few tied for a future trip to find some smallmouth.

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