#182 – Green Dace

#182 Green Dace - Don Ordes

#182 Green Dace – Don Ordes

Tied by: Don Ordes
Originated by: Don Ordes

Hook: Partridge CS15
Thread: Black 6/0
Body: Dark olive floss
Rib: Gold embossed tinsel
Belly: Mixed black, red and olive bucktail
Throat: Orange polar bear underfur
Wing: 4 yellow hackles flanked by olive hackle flanked by Coq De Leon hackle
Shoulder: Peacock body feather
Eye: Jungle cock
Head: Black

Notes: A fantastic dark fly to be used as a redside dace or perch imitation. The Coq de Leon hackles help to blend the olive and yellow, and give the wing a natural looking speckled appearance. The Peacock body feathers crisply define the head on the streamer, giving aquatic apex predators such as northern pike, largemouth bass and perhaps even more exotic fare, an easy target to aim for.

Don OrdesDon Ordes – Mr. Fantasy Fly. I don’t know how to describe myself as a fly tier, so I don’t know anyone else could, at least and be accurate. I enjoy all kinds of tying and then some which aren’t even kinds one can explain. I am serious at times, but most times not. I enjoy flies for fishing, but not the ones anyone else fishes.
Fantasy Flies
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  1. Kelly L says:

    That fly is simply STUNNING!!!

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