Davie McPhail, Don Bastian and Wendell Folkins

Davie McPhail ties up an interesting freestyle pattern.

Hook: Partridge streamer size #2/0
Thread: Utc Flo-Fire Orange, Uni-Black 8/0
Tag: Silver Braid
Rib: Silver Braid
Body: Uni-Yarn Chinese Red
Throat: White Bucktail an Golden Pheasant Crest
Wing: Silver and Dyed Red Badger Cock Hackles Jungle Cock
Sides: Dyed Orange Golden Pheasant Breast, Woodduck Body Feathers and Jungle Cock
Hackles: Two Golden Pheasant Rump dyed Orange
Head: Uni-Yarn Chinese Red and black thread

Over on Don Bastian’s blog, don has posted a couple of great articles on selecting hackles for feather-wing / Rangeley style streamers. You can read part 1 here and part 2 here.

I’ve also found a few Wendell Folkin’s streamers on auction that may be of interest to some of the readers. they are a bit on the pricey side, but each is a nice piece of streamer history.

Black Ghost Polar Bear – Wendell Folkins

Black Ghost Polar Bear - Wendell Folkins

9-3 – Wendell Folkins

9-3 - Wendell Folkins

Magog Special – Wendell Folkins

Magog Special - Wendell Folkins

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