#194 – Royal Marine

#194 Royal Marine - Mike Martinek

#194 Royal Marine – Mike Martinek

Tied by: Mike Martinek
Originated by: Mike Martinek
Source: The Atlantic Salmon Fly – The Tyers and their Art; Judith Dunham

Hook: Gaelic Supreme Mike Martinek Rangeley Streamer 6xl
Thread: Black
Tag: Hot orange thread
Body: Flat silver tinsel then pearl mylar glued
Belly: Red bucktail then white bucktail
Underwing: Peacock herl then golden pheasant crest dyed red
Throat: White schlappen then a slightly shorter bunch of red schlappen, top and bottom
Wing: 2 white hackles flanked by grizzly hackles dyed purple flanked by vulturine guinea fowl elver feathers
Shoulder: Vulturine guinea fowl elver feathers 3/4 length of the wing
Cheek: Jungle cock, sleek and long
Head: Black – adjust the pheasant crest so that it arches over the wing

Notes: Mike conceived the idea for the Royal Marine around 1990 after attending a military band performance by the Royal Marines at the Boston Garden. He initially sketched out a few concepts that resulted in this pattern. The idea was to create a full dressed streamer without the full dress salmon overtones. As a nod for the inspiration, Mike tied a presentation streamer (along with some smaller fishing versions) to be sent to the Royal Marines Band Service.

Mike estimates he has tied 50-60 presentation Royal Marine streamers over the years for collectors as well as a few dozen smaller versions for getting wet. The pattern has taken salmon in such varied locations as Iceland, Maine, the Falkland Islands and Quebec. The fly garnered great attention after being featured prominently in Judith Dunham’s book The Atlantic Salmon Fly: The Tyers and Their Art, and is considered one of a handful of Mike’s signature patterns.

* Special thanks to Chris Del Plato for sharing this pattern from his collection.

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Mike MartinekMike Martinek Jr. – In the 1960’s a young Mike Martinek began attending the newly formed United Fly Tyers meetings in his home state of Massachusetts. Enamoured with streamer flies, a frequent subject at these meetings, he began tying the patterns of early streamer masters like Herb Welch, Bill Edson and Carrie Stevens. At one particular meeting, fly historian Austin Hogan took note and offered to take Mike under his wing, showing him the characteristic differences between particular styles of streamers like those of Mrs. Stevens.
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  1. Kelly L says:

    Very nice Mike! I like the colors, but love the flow.

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