#205 – The Thief

#205 The Thief - Tony Smith

#205 The Thief – Tony Smith

Tied by: Tony Smith
Originated by: Dan Gapen
Source: Streamer Fly Tying and Fishing (Joseph D. Bates, Jr., 1966) Pg. 347

Hook: 4xl Sproat #2-#14
Thread: Black
Tail: 2 sections of red duck or goose as long as hook gap
Body: flat silver tinsel
Wing: small bunch of grey squirrel tail hairs reaching to end of tail. Over this fairly wide sections of oak mottled turkey wing just as long.
Head: several turns of black wool, slightly built up*
*Original called for black chenille head.

Notes: Bates describes this pattern as a darker version of a muddler minnow that was originated by Dan Gapen of the Gapen Fly Company located in Anoka, Minnesota. the pattern was designed as a minnow imitation with the intention of fooling crappies into biting. The fly proved to be a winner when it came to large black crappies and success followed on several other species including rainbow trout.

Tony Smith - Fly Tyer Tony Smith – Anthony (Tony) Smith began tying flies with his LL Bean fly tying kit that he received from his parents for Christmas 1988. From tying commercially for his high school “job” for the likes of Hunter’s Angling and American Angling Supplies, to having his flies sought for various publications, Tony is proud to have his work be of known quality.
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6 Responses to #205 – The Thief

  1. Donald Smith says:

    Love this fly! Not only a fantastic crappie fly (for which it was designed) but is excellent on trout!!! Especially the stocked ones. My friends and I have tied tons of these. I believe if is in the fly tying pattern book the best 1000 flies.

  2. Ted Patlen says:


    really well done.

  3. Barry Phillips says:

    Had many a fine evening on trout lakes with this forgotten fly,nice to see it posted here.

  4. pacres says:

    Very well tied streamer Tony, and I agree with Alan in that it looks like a great one for catching fish. Nice and castable looking.

  5. Great looking streamer. Lots of fish taking qualities.

  6. Kelly L says:

    Nice fly, I’ve never seen this pattern before. The tying is immaculate. What a clean, beautiful job!! Very impressive.

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