#213 – Jock Scott Streamer

#213 Jock Scott Streamer - Davie McPhail

#213 Jock Scott Streamer – Davie McPhail

Tied by: Davie McPhail
Originated by: Mr. John “Jock” Scott
Conversion by: Davie McPhail

Hook: Partridge CS15 #2
Thread: 6/0 white
Tag: Flat silver tinsel
Rear Collar: Yellow hackle wrapped (yellow macaw used here)
Butt: Black ostrich herl
Body: 2 equal sections of black and yellow floss
Rib: Flat silver tinsel
Collar: Black hackle
Belly: White bucktail and a golden pheasant crest sweeping upwards
Wing: Yellow hackle flanked by red flanked by blue hackle flanked by a slip of bustard
Topping: Peacock herl and golden pheasant crest
Throat: Teal
Cheek: Kingfisher
Eye: Jungle cock
Horns: Macaw
Head: Black

Notes: Without a doubt, the Jock Scott is the most famous of the classic salmon flies. Mr. John “Jock” Scott (1817-1893), was a sportsman and ghillie from Scotland. He developed the fly to lure salmon for his own use, but shared the pattern with Mr. Forrest of Kelso. When Kelso tested the fly on the Tweed, he found it to be rather successful and christened the fly with the originator’s name. The pattern was also given to George Kelson who immortalized the pattern in his book The Salmon Fly. Davie has done an excellent job maintaining the original spirit of the Jock Scott in this streamer conversion.

The July streamers will be put up for auction on Sunday August 5th.

The Jock Scott, a “built-wing” fly, is easily identified by its two part body of yellow and black silk floss with Toucan feathers veiling the posterior section and black hackle over the anterior section. The Jock Scott’s beauty is only surpassed by its ability to take Salmon on rivers through the world.

Davie McPhailDavie McPhail – I live in the south west of Scotland where I grew up, the best known rivers in the area are the Stinchar, the Nith, Girvan and the river Doon where I was a ghillie. I didn’t really start fly fishing until I was twenty just after I got married my fly tying started at much the same time. When I was learning to cast I lost many a fly up a tree and broke the hook of the fly on stones on my back cast so learning to tye flies was at first to compensate for this but as I got into the tying and catching fish with the flies that I tyed I found it as much fun as fishing . 29 years on I’m just as enthusiastic about tying flies and fly-fishing as I was then.
You can watch Davie tying on his Youtube page.
[visit Davie’s streamer page]

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9 Responses to #213 – Jock Scott Streamer

  1. Petr Haišman says:

    That´s a beauty Davie! Extremely well tied and dressed. I really admire your style of tying streamers. Petr from Czech.

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  4. Davie McPhail says:

    A huge thanks everyone for the kind comments about the Jock Scott streamer..I really do enjoy tying these flies when I get a chance…

    All the vey best Davie

  5. Jim Bennett says:

    Another beautiful, extremely well tied fly from Davie….

  6. Mike Boyer says:

    Beautiful work, Davie.

  7. Eunan says:

    That is some piece of work Davie. Looking forward to see the rest of your flies in the project!

  8. Kelly L says:

    Stunning work!

  9. Dave Hilton says:

    Davie, that is the same way I got my start fly tying. I was salmon fishing out in Maine and kept breaking my hooks on the rocks during the back cast. I really enjoy your video’s on you tube…. Dave from West Michigan …

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