#235 – Green Beauty

#235 Green Beauty - Michael Decoteau

#235 Green Beauty – Michael Decoteau

Tied by: Michael Decoteau
Originated by: Carrie Stevens
Source: Carrie G. Stevens: Maker of Rangeley Favorite Trout and Salmon Flies – Hilyard Pg. 134-135

Hook: Gaelic Supreme Mike Martinek Streamer (Decoteau)
Thread: White flat waxed nylon
Tag: Silver flat tinsel
Body: Orange floss
Rib: Silver flat tinsel
Belly: White bucktail
Throat: White hackle and golden pheasant crest
Underwing: Peacock herl
Wing: 4 olive hackles
Shoulder: Wood duck flank
Cheek: Jungle cock
Head: Black (with an orange band)

Notes: Carrie designed the fly to be used in pursuit of brook trout and land locked salmon. It has also been used successfully on other species and in particular, saltwater Atlantic salmon. The pattern is first mentioned around 1931 in the log books where anglers would record their catches and the streamers used. Wing colors can vary from lighter olives to the dark olive color seen in Michael’s example. You can also have a look at Garry Tanner’s variation of the streamers seen in his Deep Green Beauty streamer.

Michael Decoteau – While growing up in the small coastal town of Belfast, Michael fished the local streams and remote ponds of western Maine with his father. His tying began at an early age, seated behind his father’s Thompson model B, and has now evolved into an occupation.
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5 Responses to #235 – Green Beauty

  1. petr haisman says:

    Your STRMR is very nice, tied preciously and perfectly. Petr

  2. Joel Stansbury says:

    Excellent Job!

  3. Kelly L says:

    Outstanding fly, and workmanship! LOVE IT.

  4. Chris Del Plato says:

    Mike is a true artisan.

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