#240 – Bloody Mary Streamer

#240 Bloody Mary Streamer - Davie McPhail

#240 Bloody Mary Streamer – Davie McPhail

Tied by: Davie McPhail
Originated by: Davie McPhail

Hook: Partridge CS15 #2
Thread: 6/0 red
Tag: Oval silver tinsel
Rear Collar: Golden pheasant rump dyed red
Butt: Black ostrich herl
Body: Flat silver tinsel over wrapped with opal tinsel
Rib: Fine red wire
Belly: White bucktail and a golden pheasant crest dyed red sweeping upwards
Throat: Guinea fowl
Wing: 2 red hackles flanked by heron spey hackle or brown Whiting spey hackles
Cheek: Teal flank dyed red
Topping: Golden pheasant crest then Guinea fowl same length as throat
Eye: Jungle cock
Head: Red

Notes:The Bloody Mary Streamer incorporates some of Davie’s personal style, UK and Spey influence. The body has a unique flash being silver over wrapped with an opal translucent tinsel. The result is a silver flash highlighted with flecks of green and blue. Davie used a heron feather on the wing of his tie, but they can be difficult to acquire, and so a brown Whiting hackle from the Spey line will make a great sub.

Davie McPhailDavie McPhail – I live in the south west of Scotland where I grew up, the best known rivers in the area are the Stinchar, the Nith, Girvan and the river Doon where I was a ghillie. I didn’t really start fly fishing until I was twenty just after I got married my fly tying started at much the same time. When I was learning to cast I lost many a fly up a tree and broke the hook of the fly on stones on my back cast so learning to tye flies was at first to compensate for this but as I got into the tying and catching fish with the flies that I tyed I found it as much fun as fishing . 29 years on I’m just as enthusiastic about tying flies and fly-fishing as I was then.
You can watch Davie tying on his Youtube page.
[visit Davie’s streamer page]

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4 Responses to #240 – Bloody Mary Streamer

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  2. Kelly L says:

    Beautiful work, I love the colors you used too.

  3. petr haisman says:

    Hi Davie,

    your streamer looks nice, I especially like the red dyed teal flank shoulders. Did you dye your feathers? If not, where can I get it? Surely not in Czech fly shop…:-(((

    Petr Haisman

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