#244 – Fire Fly

#244 Fire Fly - Loretta Parent

#244 Fire Fly – Loretta Parent

Tied by: Loretta Parent
Originated by: Lewis Melanson

Hook: Mustad 36890 #2
Thread: Black
Tag: Oval gold tinsel
Body: Red floss
Ribbing: Oval gold tinsel
Wing: 4 red hackles
Collar: A few turns of red hackle
Head: Black

Notes: The Fire Fly looks quite similar to a streak of flame slipping through the storied Atlantic salmon waters of the east coast. Louis Melanson was a WWII vet and served with the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals (RCCS). He was an active member of the Nepisiguit Salmon Association and spent many hours tying flies for friends, family and himself of course.

Loretta Parent Loretta Parent -I have been tying flys for 3 years now and have enjoyed learning everything I can about the art of fly tying. I am very passionate about this pastime and love to pass on and share what I know to anyone that is interested. I started a fly fishing club for women last year called “Fly Girls of New Brunswick” and hope to start a fly tying club as well. My favourite place to fish is anywhere on the Miramichi drainage system.
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6 Responses to #244 – Fire Fly

  1. Jim Bennett says:

    Very nice loretta,i had to put on the sunglasses to get a good look at it !.A real attention grabber.Well done..

    • Loretta Parent says:

      Thank you Jim,

      This fly was selected for this project for a couple of reasons.

      I found the color stunning and very simplistic.

      I also selected this because Louis Melanson and I both take pleasure in tying flies for others and our own personal use. Thank you for your comment it is greatly appreciated.

  2. Very nice.
    You talk about a streamer getting attention.

  3. Kelly L says:

    Loretta, it is beautiful!

    • Loretta Parent says:

      Thank you Kelly. I am very pleased with the response to this fly and am glad I decided upon submitting it for this project.

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