L.L. Bean Featherwing Streamer Class with Don Bastian

This class is for intermediate and advanced tiers. Students must bring their own tools and materials. A list of patterns and materials will be provided following registration.

To register contact Ed Gauvin at: Egauvin@LLBean.com or register by phone:
207-552-7819, or toll free: 1- 800-221-4221, ext: 17714.

Space is limited!

The class itinerary will include some of Maine’s most iconic streamer patterns, originated by some of the state’s legendary fly tiers and anglers, featuring at least one Carrie Stevens’ pattern. A variety of techniques using an array of different methods will include material selection, use, application, and finishing procedures for tying feather-wing streamer patterns. Personalized class instruction will focus on methods and techniques designed to improve the quality of your streamers, whether tying flies to fish, for presentation, or both.

Friday September 21st

L. L. Bean Flagship Hunt / Fish Store in Freeport, Maine
9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
$10.00. That is correct, just ten dollars!

The day will also be filled with fishing tips, tactics, and techniques, drawn from extensive personal streamer fishing gained during Don’s 48 years on the water. Specific attention is given to the student’s interest and requests.

Don has been tying flies since 1964, and has twenty-eight years experience as a fly tying instructor. He is the author of three instructional DVD’s: Tying Classic Wet Flies, Advanced Classic Wet Flies, and Traditional Streamers and Bucktails.

He lives in Pennsylvania, but has fished in Maine since 1986. Don has more than one-thousand wet flies, dry flies, streamers, and bucktails published in print and on-line. He is currently working on his first book, The Favorite Flies of Mary Orvis Marbury. References are available.

For additional information please contact Don Bastian at: dwbastian@chilitech.net or by phone at 570-998-9124.

#1 Black Ghost - Don Bastian

#1 Black Ghost – Don Bastian

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