#257 – Janine Marie

#257 Janine Marie - David Mac

#257 Janine Marie – David Mac

Tied by: David Mac
Originated by: David Mac

Hook: Martinek Carrie Stevens hook #1 10X Long
Thread: Black
Body: Light blue floss
Rib: Silver Mylar tinsel (size 10)
Belly: Light blue bucktail with white bucktail tied under
Throat: White hackle
Wing: Two pink grizzly saddle hackles (*) flanked by two white saddle hackles
Shoulder: White turkey flat over which is tied a Black Francolin with double eyes
Eyes: Jungle cock

Notes: This is a beautiful bright pattern that was commissioned for Mr. and Mrs. William Dawes for their annual Maine fishing vacation. The pink grizzly feathers should be tied in slightly higher than the flanking white hackle so that it forms a razorback. The distinct white spots of the Black Francolin help define the gill plate and offer up a hard target for waiting predators.

David MacDavid Mac – I have been tying flies since 1964 and it has brought me, countless hours of enjoyment. As a young guest at the United Fly Tyers meetings in Boston, MA I was introduced to Streamers by many of the Great Tyers. In the 1970′s I spent a decade providing streamers to many of the best Maine Fly Shops and Camps.
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2 Responses to #257 – Janine Marie

  1. jim Bennett says:

    I really love the look of this fly,it just looks special…Jim Bennett.

  2. Kelly L says:

    Beautiful design once again David! LOVE IT.

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